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In an effort to keep rates stable for patients, the office moved to Germantown (a suburb of Memphis).  I am sorry to say, the new space does not have wheelchair accessibility.

NEW PATIENTS: (901) 612-2700 or 1-833-DrValli.

COST:     For individual sessions, payment of 175 is due at the time of service.    We can provide a superbill / medical receipt for you to turn into your insurance for possible reimbursement as part of your out of network benefit.    While every insurance company varies, some will often reimburse a percentage of the session. You can call your insurance directly to see how they reimburse for anxiety as sexual related issues, and all that goes with often fall under anxiety.
**If you are interested in obtaining a superbill receipt for reimbursement purposes, please let our assistant, Emily, know this when you  are setting up your first session.

COUPLES THERAPY: I offer fewer available time slots for couples therapy.   I am accepting couples on a very limited basis and at higher fee (225).  Many times people ask for couples therapy because one member is nervous at the start but it may be that the better way to treat the sexual health issue is in an individual setting.  Other times, we need both people there.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: Credit cards, cash, and flex spending and health savings cards are accepted.  At this time we are not accepting checks.
Sliding fee scale: There are a limited number of slots available with a sliding fee scale but currently these slots are full.

WERE YOU REFERRED BY YOUR DOCTOR : If you have been referred by another provider, for example, received my name from your OBGYN, urologist, etc, please include this information in your initial call.

COURTESY REMINDERS:    Courtesy reminders are sent 72 hours before the appointment time by email and 48 hours ahead of time by text.   These reminders only occur if the appointments are in the calendar prior to 72 and 48 hours respectively.   **If you do not receive a reminder and believe we have an appointment, please contact me because it may be that we had a miscommunication because  I don’t have you on the calendar.

CANCELLATIONS: As soon as you are aware that you can’t make an appointment, please text or call me.  This is your reserved slot and if less than 24 hours notice is given, you will be charged for your reserved time.
While I ask for 24 hours notice,  as much notice as possible would be appreciated as this allows me to fill the time with those who are on a waiting list.   *If you have to cancel, text me at the number that I give you.  If you try to reply to the courtesy reminder by email, I will not get this as this is through the electronic medical record.Thank you so much.

NEW CLIENT PAPERWORK: To fill out the new client paperwork, an email address is required.  There is not a hard copy option.

Privacy Practices – This Notice describes how medical information about how you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information about you.  You don’t need to print this but please review it and let me know if you have any questions.

The No Surprises Act aims to increase price transparency and reduce the likelihood that clients receive “surprise” medical bills.  It asks providers to inform those clients not using insurance of expected charges for services before the service is provided.  While it is really focused on emergency room care, starting January 1, 2022, behavioral health care providers need to give clients (not using insurance) a good faith estimate of costs. Those eligible for this estimate are self-pay clients and those clients who are not using insurance. Those using superbills (a medical receipt for you to turn into your insurance for possible reimbursement as part of your out of network benefit) are not eligible.  Dr. Valli is upfront and transparent re: her rates (see prices for individual and couples therapy above, under “Cost” and “Couples Therapy”).
In your first call with our office, please let us know if you are requesting a superbill or a good faith estimate of the fees.