Call the office of Jennifer Valli
Local: (901) 612-2700
Toll free:  1-833-DrValli  (833-378-2554)

COST:     Payment of 145 is due at the time of service.    I can provide a superbill / medical receipt for you to turn into your insurance for possible reimbursement as part of your out of network benefit.    While every insurance company varies, some will often reimburse a percentage of the session. You can call your insurance directly to see how they reimburse for anxiety as sexual related issues, and all that goes with them, often fall under anxiety.
**If you are interested in obtaining a superbill receipt, please let me know at the start of each session rather than waiting until the end or rather than waiting for the sessions to accumulate to ask for these.

FORMS OF PAYMENT: Credit cards, cash, checks, venmo, flex spending and health savings accounts are accepted.
Paying in check: please have your check written prior to the session so that this doesn’t come out of our clinical time together.
Paying with credit card: Square charges a 3% fee for processing.
Sliding fee scale: There are a limited number of slots available with a sliding fee scale but currently these slots are full.

COUPLES THERAPY: I have a certain number of spaces that are available for couples therapy.   I am accepting couples on a limited basis.

WHERE YOU REFERRED FROM YOUR DOCTOR : If you have been referred by another provider, for example, got my name from your OBGYN, urologist, etc, please include this information that you share in your initial call to me.

COURTESY REMINDERS:    Courtesy reminders are sent 72 hours before the appointment time by email and 48 hours ahead of time by text.   These reminders only occur if the appointments are in the calendar prior to 72 and 48 hours respectively.
**If you do not receive a reminder and believe we have an appointment, please contact me because it may be that we had a miscommunication because  I don’t have you on the calendar.

Address:  Wolf River Boulevard Office Complex:  1384 Cordova Cove,   suite 1.  Germantown, TN 38138