About the Therapist

Jennifer Valli is a seasoned therapist and draws on 25 years of post-master’s clinical experience in psychiatry and mental health from both private practice and in-patient settings.  She is a licensed psychotherapist in Tennessee. Additionally, she is a certified Sex Therapist through AASECT, the American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists. It is a rigorous certification n sexuality and sexual health for therapists and is considered the board certification for sexual health (see https://www.aasect.org).   This certification included specialty training and consultation.   Valli completed some of this training in fetishes and paraphilias with faculty through John’s Hopkins. She received a post-graduate degree in Sexual Health at the University of Michigan, both as a Sex Therapist and Sex Educator.  This program was comprehensive and focused on sexual difficulties and in sexuality in general.  Valli received her Masters of Social Work in the Clinical Track in 1993 from Florida State University and has been providing therapeutic services either in her outpatient private practice or in in-patient psychiatry since then.

Valli is an instructor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Valli has appointments with OBGYN and Medical Education in the College of Medicine, and with Occupational Therapy in the College of Health Professions.  She has presented for grand rounds lectures for residents and faculty in the College of Medicine.   She lectures on sexual health for CME credit at hospitals and journal clubs and speaks for in-service training for doctors offices.   Valli speaks to support groups, lunch & learn seminars, churches and synagogues, and women’s and men’s groups.  She is on the Board of Advisors at Men’s Fitness Magazine.  She has been quoted in Contemporary Sexuality, Men’s Health Magazine and Men’s Fitness Magazine.  Valli has had articles in the Memphis Flyer, Good Health Magazine (The Commercial Appeal), and Memphis Health and Fitness Magazine.

Valli is an experienced therapist and has this additional training and clinical experience in sexual health but also combines genuine compassion and knowledge in the field to help individuals on sensitive subjects that tend to cause a great deal of shame.  She is authentic and this comes across in a way that is refreshing in world where many people in life seem to have agendas.

Listen to Jennifer with Geoff Calkins on 92.9 FM ESPN sports radio. February, 2017 -it takes a second for it to load 🙂